The Center deals with big projects, which require cooperation between translators and professionals. 
When implementing translation projects, we keep the history of translations and their database, harmonize terminology and compile Multilanguage glossaries on request. 
The service is provided upon long-term agreements. 
We recommend our clients to use customer support.

Legal translation, first of all, requires special knowledge and skills!
The participants of the trainings organized by the Center learn to do correct translations of legal documents and do not make mistakes which can have negative legal consequences.
Favorable offer for translation of legal texts, documents and materials.
English, German, French and other languages.
The highest quality of translation of legal translation.
The Center provides consulting services to translators and conducts trainings.
The trainers of the Center are professional translators, candidates and doctors of philological sciences.
Consulting services are provided through short-term and long-term trainings, advisory opinion, and guidelines and recommendations for translators and companies.
The Center provides professional evaluation of completed translations, analyzes and edits translations, terminology glossaries, and the ways of translation or certain legal and technical terms.