How peoples found a tutor before?
• Negotiate with school/university teachers;
• Look within friends;
• Spread the word;

How peoples find a tutor nowadays?
• Negotiate with school/university teachers;
• Look within friends;
• Spread the word;
• Search on the Internet;

• Now tutoring companies work only in big cities (Kyiv,
Lviv, Moscow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Astana and others);
• Not actual and old information (on the dashboards);
• Large and unsubstantiated commission for tutors
(about 35% of each lesson);
• Inflexible system (only call-center or only automatic order processing);

BUKI co-founders
about 3 years experience of working together


• emergency situations
• time wasting
• inconvenience

TYM – navigation mobile app for smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android platforms.

• Offline voice controle
• Offline map data (custom compressed format)
• GPS support
• Offline search (by name, address, category and coordinates)
• Offline routes for cars and by foot
• Map Editor
• Bookmarks
• Auto-follow mode

• Focusing on voice control
• Offline system
• Reliability
• Simplicity
• High probability of detection
• Significantly lower cost of the voice contral system
• Scaling system


- Analysis of problems and solutions leading companies in the field of voice control.
- Creating a system of navigators
- Creating a system of recognition
- Creating learning
- Creation of reflexes
- Android app
- iOS app

Prototype – 7 mon/ (0,3) mon learning voice recognition system


According to our Patent the liquids are characterized with the help of SEMILAB setup which was designed to measure lifetime in semiconductors.
Price of set up - 190 000 Euro

Description of proposed mobile e-tongue
The proposed mobile e-tongue consists from 1) special box with electronics and measured system, 2) sensor strips, 3) laptop or tablet PC, 4) computer program. The set of responses (light induced photovoltaic signals) is individual for the certain substance and can be used for its selective recognition (electronic fingerprint).

Simplicity and low cost analysis comparing with conventional chemical analytic techniques
The substance characteristics are presented as 2D or 3D mappings
Creation of fingerprint (electronic photography) of smell, liquids, etc.

Possible market:
Control of explosives, drugs, toxic substances.
Detecting of counterfeit products.
Testing the quality of materials both during production and during storage use.
Control of natural transformation of food liquids and aging of substances

What has been done:
Concept of sensor screen
Laboratory prototype
Series of sensor elements for the detection of certain liquids
Algorithms of sensors treatment
The efficiency of the method on the recognition of different liquids and biological objects were tested
It was obtained 2 international patents

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