New biocompatible and biodegradable micellar carriers for the delivery of fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D) in living organisms are proposed, as well as the technology of obtaining and use of such micellar systems as an efficient dietary supplements in animal husbandry, fisheries and medicine.

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Project idea:
use the new micellar nanocarriers on the basis of the asymmetric block copolymers with interactive hydrophilic blocks for drug delivery

the simpler of the micellar carrier structure;
the increased binding capacity of complex “core” to drugs of different nature;
the impossibility of the micelles destruction on the individual components under the influence of competitive interactions in a living organism.

1. Write your formula with a pen on a tablet.
2. Recognize it and export into a supported text representation (LaTeX, MML).
3. Analyze it with Wolfram Alpha, Octave, etc. Or search it on the Web.

Mathematician’s Assistant supports a wide variety of mathematical symbols and expressions, adapts to your handwriting, makes your mathematical studies smooth and involving as they are supposed to be.

• Currently predominant Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) appeared in the middle of the previous century.
• Being fairly robust and simple which is an advantage for a Machine they are far from being intuitive and natural which is a disadvantage for a Human.
• Worse than that they are the source of the professional disorder known as RSI.
• Admitting that computers and mobile devices connect with our living closer and closer every year there is inevitable need to develop more intuitive and natural HMI.

• Industry has already provided technical solutions like touch and pen interfaces.
• While being intuitive and natural these interfaces still need intelligent algorithms to be robust and useful.
• Not only we provide such algorithms, but also develop an architecture, which goal is to connect state of the art technologies developed by leading companies together with handwriting methods of input.
• This architecture will allow seamless integration of popular mathematical and search engines with handwriting recognition and thus greatly facilitate researches of mathematicians and those who study mathematics.


5Pull is aimed at the automation of the relationship between all CS

5Pull collects data about activities and conditions in which they occurred

1. Angel Investment = Kiev (2017)
2. Ukraine & Germany (2017-2018)
3. Developing investment = Europe & North America (start 2018)
4. IPO or Strategic investment (2018-2019)
5. World expansion (since 2019)
6. Return the investment. Partial sale of shares. (after 2021)


Проблема – защита человека от радиации

Решение – устройство для очистки воздуха от радиоактивных элементов

Целевая аудитория – владельцы домов с подвальными помещениями


Школьникам, студентам, офисным работникам нужен полноценный, здоровый, дешевый, быстрый ланч

Работает портативно и не нуждается в источниках электроэнергии
Еда хранится в стеклянных контейнерах, а не пластиковых, таким образом полностью безопасна для здоровья.
Совместимы с посудомоечной

Контроль температуры
Качественный фарфор
Совместима с посудомоечной машиной
Полностью автоматична
Беспроводная зарядка


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