Problem Solving
Saving water resources, and address the problem of defaults in housing, creating wireless fire extinguishing systems with long-term self-powered.
Job creation, produce the competitive exports products

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Challenge problem
500 cases of flooding apartments in Kiev every day
(90% of which – due to negligence and demolition Communications)
79 581 fires were registered in 2015 in Ukraine.

Losses caused by fire, rocks 5 billion 676 million 392 thousand. UAH, which constitute direct losses of 1 billion 458 million 296 thousand UAH and side - 4 billion 218 million 96 thousand

UAH. More than 100 thousand victims.
Household indebtness

The debt of Ukraine's population for housing and communal services in September 2016 amounted to
15 billion UAH (569 million USD)


Вызов – это:
• действие, которое заставляет человека выйти из зоны комфорта и совершить несвойственный для него поступок, чтобы в итоге получить достижение, за которым последует признание

Все вызовы в мире возникают хаотически, а их распространение является довольно пассивным.
Так как не существует единого решения для обмена вызовами.

Всегда и везде доступный онлайн ресурс, который будет объединять именно вызовы.

Это место, где каждый сможет создавать или принять любой вызов, а также показать свои достижения.

И все это в активном сообществе интересных людей.
Не можете убедить себя сделать что-то? Бросьте себе вызов!


How peoples found a tutor before?
• Negotiate with school/university teachers;
• Look within friends;
• Spread the word;

How peoples find a tutor nowadays?
• Negotiate with school/university teachers;
• Look within friends;
• Spread the word;
• Search on the Internet;

• Now tutoring companies work only in big cities (Kyiv,
Lviv, Moscow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Astana and others);
• Not actual and old information (on the dashboards);
• Large and unsubstantiated commission for tutors
(about 35% of each lesson);
• Inflexible system (only call-center or only automatic order processing);

BUKI co-founders
about 3 years experience of working together


• emergency situations
• time wasting
• inconvenience

TYM – navigation mobile app for smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android platforms.

• Offline voice controle
• Offline map data (custom compressed format)
• GPS support
• Offline search (by name, address, category and coordinates)
• Offline routes for cars and by foot
• Map Editor
• Bookmarks
• Auto-follow mode

• Focusing on voice control
• Offline system
• Reliability
• Simplicity
• High probability of detection
• Significantly lower cost of the voice contral system
• Scaling system


- Analysis of problems and solutions leading companies in the field of voice control.
- Creating a system of navigators
- Creating a system of recognition
- Creating learning
- Creation of reflexes
- Android app
- iOS app

Prototype – 7 mon/ (0,3) mon learning voice recognition system


New effective light- and thermo-resistant biocide preparations (so-called “nanoantibiotics” of a new generation) are proposed for the treatment and prolonged disinfection of wound dressings and sanitary materials, clothes and military camouflage, аnd also for disinfection of fish aquariums (or ponds) and pools.

PROJECT IDEA: to create novel biocide preparations based on polymer/inorganic hybrids and metal nanoparticles with a wide antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal action, with respect to which microorganisms do not develop resistance.

Polymer/inorganic matrix with spherical metal nanoparticles

• they contain biocompatible nontoxic components and very small (< 10 nm) metal nanoparticles;
• possess a high biocide activity against numerous bacteria, fungi and viruses;
• are stable in time (up to 2 years) and are resistant to the light and temperature action;
• retain their bactericidal/fungicidal effect to very low concentrations;
• show a high adhesion to wound dressings and tissues of various natures;
• their solutions could be used as spray for processing of linen, clothes and camouflage;
• comprise components, which are widely available, that allows quickly adjusting their production in Ukraine;
• could widely be applied as biocide agents for disinfection of fish aquariums or ponds without any biological risks.



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